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All-Season Outdoor Lighting Solution


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Illuminate Every Moment with our Permanent LED Lighting


Elevate Every Occasion with Permanent Holiday Lights


Beyond Ordinary: Discover Alternative Lighting Choices in Nebraska


Illuminate Every Moment with our Permanent LED Lighting


Elevate Every Occasion with Permanent Holiday Lights


Beyond Ordinary: Discover Alternative Lighting Choices in Nebraska


Luminous Exteriors is an authorized dealer for JellyFish Lighting, Which is a permanent color- changing LED lighting system for the exterior of homes. It is capable of everything from nightly accent lighting that mimics recessed can lighting to any color and pattern for your holidays and parties. Easily decorate for all occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Halloween, Birthday Parties, and more!


All In One

Install Once, Enjoy the Magic for Years to Come

Accent Lighting:

Enhance Every Detail, Embrace Elegance

Elevate the aesthetics of your space with Accent Lighting, designed to highlight the unique features that make your surroundings special. Whether it's architectural elements, art pieces, or landscape focal points, our Accent Lighting brings a touch of sophistication that transforms ordinary into extraordinary.

Permanent Holiday Lighting: Celebrate the Seasons with Lasting Joy

Make every holiday season magical with our Permanent Holiday Lighting. Embrace the spirit of celebrations year-round as our lights adorn your space with warmth and festivity. From twinkling Christmas lights to enchanting Halloween displays, our permanent solutions ensure that each occasion is marked with joy.

Security Lighting:

Safeguard Your Space, Illuminate Your Peace of Mind

Ensure your safety with Security Lighting that wards off darkness and deters unwanted visitors. Our advanced systems provide constant vigilance, illuminating your property and creating an environment where security thrives. Feel confident knowing your space is well-lit and protected.


Game Day Lighting:

Turn Every Day into Game Day

Transform your outdoor space into a sports haven with Game Day Lighting. Whether you're hosting friends for the big game or practicing under the stars, our specialized lighting solutions provide the perfect atmosphere for sports enthusiasts to gather, play, and celebrate.

Patio Lighting:

Set the Mood, Create Memorable Evenings

Elevate your outdoor gatherings with Patio Lighting that adds ambiance and charm. Our carefully designed lighting solutions turn your patio into a cozy retreat, perfect for relaxing evenings, intimate dinners, or lively parties. Enjoy the company of loved ones under the gentle glow of perfectly placed lights.

Commercial Lighting:

Illuminate Your Business, Captivate Your Audience

Make a lasting impression with Commercial Lighting that enhances your business's visibility and allure. From storefronts to outdoor seating areas, our expertly crafted lighting solutions create a welcoming atmosphere that draws customers in and sets your business apart.

Journey into Brilliance with Luminous Exteriors

Bid Farewell to Holiday Light Hassles

Never again worry about hanging holiday lights. Embrace the permanence of JellyFish Lighting from Modern Lightscapes. Your home will radiate a festive spirit all year long.

All-Year Vibrance at Your Fingertips

JellyFish Lighting is your all-season companion. Our customizable app offers a symphony of colors and dynamic patterns, making each day an ongoing celebration.

Unleash the Magic through Your Device

Captivate with the captivating hues of JellyFish Lighting through our intuitive app. Be the artist of your outdoor space, crafting ambiances that mirror your mood.

A Single Installation, Endless Enchantment

Craft a magical space that resonates through the years. With a one-time installation, witness the everlasting charm of radiant landscapes.

Elevate Your Every Moment with Permanent Illumination

Now Alexa Voice Enabled!


Craft Unique Accentuations: Illumination Tailored to You

Control each light with the precision of an artist. Shape your home's personality by handpicking the lights and colors that suit your style.


Infuse Artistry with Colors & Patterns

Over 16 million colors, 20 movements, and 102 preset patterns await your artistic touch. Create a masterpiece that dances with your imagination.


Zoning: Choreograph Lights to Dance in Harmony

Illuminate sections selectively, curating different stories for various parts of your home. Achieve a harmonious symphony of light that resonates with your every mood.


Cloud-Powered Control: Your Light Orchestra, Anywhere

Lead your light orchestra from anywhere. Our app lets you direct the spectacle even without Wi-Fi, and it seamlessly syncs with Amazon Alexa.

All-Season Outdoor Lighting Solution

Bringing Brilliance Across the Whole State of Nebraska

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